Grammar, Transitions, Voice, Prepositions and Conjunctions

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Grammar is a certain structure of a language, consisting of sounds and combinations of these sounds into words or parts of words. The arrangement of words and phrases become sentences. You can call grammar a study of structural relationship in a language, which includes pronunciation, meaning, and linguistic history. The system of rules in a language is viewed as a method for creating all sentences possible in a language. There are many rules to grammar; for example: •Verbs have to agree with the subjects.

Do not start a sentence with a proposition.
Try to avoid the passive voice.
Avoid abbreviations.
Grammar is important because it is the style that makes it possible for our communication with each other. Understand the meaning of words and see the whole picture. Grammar names the types of words and word groups which make up sentences not only in English, but in any other language as well. As human beings, we learned how to put sentences together even in childhood. Everyone needs to have the knowledge about grammar in order to build and create sentences. When you have an outstanding knowledge about grammar, it will open a window into your mind, and help you gain common sense and logic in communicating. Individuals who have the appropriate grammar skills usually have a big advantage in speech, and in writing as well (Columbia University Press, 2008).

Your goal in academic and professional writing is to express information clearly, and as concise as possible. Transitions help an individual establish logical connections and relationships between sentences and paragraphs. Transitions give the readers an idea of what to do with the information you present them, and help them to understand the logic of how the ideas fit together.

There are two types of voices present in writing: active and passive voice. In the active voice, the subject’s and verb’s relationship is straightforward and forceful. In most active voice...

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