Graduation Trip

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Graduation Trip
Trip I am never going to forget and a great graduation gift, I am thankful for. Four years at an all male, private school well known in El Paso, Texas. Every day wearing uniforms ever since I was in elementary all the way to senior year in High school. Twice a month white button up shirts with a tie was mandatory due to the uniform I was tired of wearing the uniforms and needed a great trip. The class of 2008 planned a trip to Cancun, Mexico for ten days as a graduation party, which is important if you went because was the last time all of the class was going to be together. It was optional to attend the trip, those students who did not want to go didn’t have to. Once you step in Mexico everyone is on there own, your parents are not going to be there with you everything that happens, you are responsible for.

Graduation dance ended, that weekend I was off to Cancun, Mexico for ten days. The trip was paid in advance and I wasn’t going to spend a cent once I was over there. Everything was included such as hotel transportation, food, drink, cover to the clubs, and boat rides. Forty-eight students were going to attend the trip. The class was separated in half , so that the first half would leave in the morning and second half in the afternoon. The plane would leave from Juarez, Chihuahua to Mexico City, Then from Mexico City to Cancun, Mexico. Arriving at Juarez airport I had to do a lot of paper work since I am American and I’m leaving to another country. As I heard the speaker in the airport , that the airplane was now aboarding section “A” I got up with my backpack same as all of my classmates, and we started running like little kids down the tunnel and towards the plane.

Once everyone was seated in the airplane and ready to takeoff, the flight attendant starts giving the safety procedures, Knowing how immature us high school graduates are, we started to scream and disturb everyone in the flight. After five minutes non-stop of screaming the flight attendant came to the back of the plane where we were all sitting and told us to behave if not we would lose our flight back. Flight attendant came and asked what I wanted to drink, I said I wanted a Corona, Mexican beer. I am not a beer person, I am more of a tequila person, such as shots. I gave it a try drinking the beer at a high altitude, knowing it was going to hit me. We all had a cheer because everyone had a beer and we all agreed to start the trip on chugging the first beer, or first alcohol drink of the trip. We all chugged the beer and asked for another one. Those who love beer could not ask for more as the limit was two due to the high altitude. Taking two sips of my second beer was horrible because I was getting the buzz and was getting nauseous. The trip to Mexico city took two hours to get there, and as I look outside my window I couldn’t see anything due to the major pollution. Mexico City never sees the sun because of the pollution covering the light making it look like if it is cloudy. Getting off the plane I had two hours till the next trip took us to Cancun, so we headed to the food court. I remember that at the food court had all the fast food restaurants you can think of and just one sushi place. I felt like eating sushi and I asked for the original California roll, with a mixed drink of 7up with tequila. We finished eating and went to go sit and wait for the next flight to Cancun. We were getting bored and really just wanted to aboard the plane, we would see celebrities walk by and we would whistle at them but they wouldn’t pay attention to us. We decided to prank people at the airport. A friend had a set of walkie talkies and what we decided to do is to put one walkie talkie in the trash can and leave it there so that when a person was going to throw away food, or napkins, etc, we can call them or talk to them. It was really funny as this one guy threw away a napkin and we called him as he threw the...
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