Grade 10 Science Biology

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Diffusion: the movement of fluids from an area of high concentration to a lower concentration

Cell theory:

-All living things are made up of one or more cells and their product

-Cells is the simplest unit that can carry out all processes

-All cells come from preexisting cells

Prokaryote: no nucleus or other membrane: bound organelles (E-Coli)

Eukaryote: has a nucleus and other organelles, each surrounded by a thin membrane (Animals/human if multicell, amoeba if single cell)


Cytoplasm: suspends organelles in cells

-Water, Jelly Like

Endoplasmic Reticulum: transports materials around the cell

-3D network of packets extending throughout the cell

Cell wall: helps the plant take its shape

-Sturdy layer containing pores

Nucleus: holding genetic information and performing mitosis

-Spherical structure

Mitochondria: converts glucose into energy through cellular respiration with oxygen

-oval jelly like structure

Cell Membrane: supports cell and allows for diffusion within the cell

-thin layer around the cell

Chloroplast: absorbs light and converts it into energy and stores it there

-looks like bricks, green, clots inside

Golgi Bodies: Collect and remove materials from the cell. Expels mucus

Strips and strands, found in stomach
Vacuoles: isolating and removing waste in cell and maintaining pressure

-oval structure inside the cell with a thin lining

Mitosis: IPMAT

Interphase: when the cell grows to the largest maturity. DNA long and stranded

Prophase: double stranded chromosome, nuclear membrane splits apart. DNA shortened and thickened

Metaphse: double stranded chromosomes line up in the center. Held together with spindle fibres

Anaphase: the double stranded chromosomes are split evenly in half.

Telophase: new nuclear wall forms to divide the two sets of identical chromosomes

Cytokinesis: the process of which the cell organelles, cytoplasm, and membrane into two separate

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