Government and Food

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Michael Bloomberg unfair ban on drinks: Governments say on what we eat
There have been several complaints and strongly worded letters to Mayor Michael Bloomberg with regards to the unfair New York ban of large soda drinks. Mr. Bloomberg goal is to decrease the rate of diabetes by doing so and promote healthier solutions and options for citizens of New York. While his intentions might sound good I question whether the government is perhaps getting too involved in our diets. The governments say on our diets is uncalled for. They should worry about more important matters rather than banning food delights that people enjoy. If the government continues on this path of getting too involved in our live it is going to feel more controlling than it should be.

While researching the laws and restrictions of the drink ban I came across several interesting and questionable data and information on the statistics and percentages of people with diabetes and obesity. In Mr. Bloomberg’s “Sugary Drinks: How Much Do We Consume? “Almost six in 10 New York City residents are overweight or obese, one and one in eight reports having diabetes. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has established District Public Health Offices in neighborhoods where the prevalence of these conditions is even higher. These statistics are awfully sketchy consider that Miami another big city such as new York has the same statistics yet the people down here have been proven to be healthier even with the large sized sugary drink consumptions. Soft drink makers and a restaurant group filed a lawsuit on Friday seeking to block New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's upcoming ban on large sugary drinks. The mayor's Board of Health overstepped its authority when it passed the regulation, the lawsuit said. The power to approve such legislation lies solely with the city council, it said. The plaintiffs include the American Beverage Association and the...

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