Gordon s Theory
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David Draper
Kelsey Rogers
Gordon’s Theory

Majorie Gordon theory was established with 11 functional health patterns.
Gordon proposed 11 functional health patterns as a guide to organize data while assessing a patient. These 11 health patterns help signify a sequence of recurring behavior.

Gordon’s Typology of 11 Functional Health Patterns

1. Health-perception-health –management pattern
a. Describes the client’s perceived pattern of health and well-being and how health is managed.
2. Nutritional-metabolic pattern
a. Describes the client’s pattern of food and fluid consumption relative to metabolic need and pattern indicators of local nutrient supply.
3. Elimination pattern
a. Describes the patterns of excretory function (bowel, bladder, and skin)
4. Activity-exercise pattern
a. Describes the pattern of sleep and relaxation.
5. Sleep pattern
a. Describes patterns of sleep and relaxation.

6. Cognitive-perceptual pattern
a. Describes sensory-perceptual and cognitive patterns.

7. Self-perception-self concept pattern
a. Describes the client’s self-concept pattern and perceptions of self (e.g., self-conception/ worth, comfort, body image, feel state).
8. Role-relationship pattern
a. Describes the client’s pattern of role participation and relationships.
9. Sexuality-reproductive pattern
a. Describes the client’s patterns of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with sexuality pattern describes reproductive patterns.
10. Coping-stress-tolerance pattern
a. Describes the client’s general coping pattern and the effectiveness of the pattern in terms of stress tolerance.
11. Value-belief pattern
a. Describes the patterns of values, beliefs (including spiritual), and goals that guide the client’s choices or decisions.

The elements from Gordon’s theory that would apply to the patients that have been seen to have a lack of motivation due to chronic illness are: Health perception and health management applies to Jennifer’s situation because it’s going to explain and track their

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