Health Assessment

Topics: Lung cancer, Smoking cessation, Tobacco smoking Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Course Project Milestone #2: Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Form 1: Analyze Assessment Data:
Based on the health history information, identify the following: A. Areas for focused assessment (30 points)
Provide a brief overview of those areas of strength and weakness noted from Milestone #1: Health History. Pt biggest strength is that, he considers himself as an independent person like to take everything positive and have future goals about life. Main weakness includes difficulty to quit smoking.

B. Client’s strengths (30 points)
Expand on areas identified as strengths related to the person's overall health. Support your conclusions with data from the textbook. Pt considers himself as an independent family oriented person like to take everything positive in his life. His future goal is settle down in his home land, Vietnam. This positive attitude toward life can contribute in taking good decisions in life including stop smoking cigarettes as well as decreasing the episodes of asthma attacks. According to our text book, client ability to cope with illness and stress has a great impact on patients’ psychosocial health (Amico & Barbarito, 2012, pg.87).

C. Areas of concern (30 points)
Expand on areas previously identified as abnormal and those that place the person at a health risk. Support your observations with data from the textbook. Smoking s a biggest risk factor in this case .Pt need to quit smoking in order to improve his breathing related problems .The main problem associated with smoking cessation is that ,pt consider Smoking as a norm and enjoyment. According to our text book, smoking tobacco products including cigarettes are associated with emphysema and lung cancer (Amico & Barbarito, 2012, Pg.366). Pt smoking behavior can jeopardize his health and can put him in serious health risk problems like developing lung cancer in future like his father.

D. Health teaching topics (30 points)
Identify health education needs. Support your...
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