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P4-to Carry Out a Quantitative Analysis of the Daily Intake of Nutrients and Energy by One Individual

By sclewes Aug 03, 2013 464 Words
P4-To carry out a quantitative analysis of the daily intake of nutrients and energy by one individual Red text=Calories| Blue text= Protein | Green text= Calcium| Orange text= carbohydrates| Purple text=Fats | Pink text= Sugars |

Slept -2am-11am (9 hours)
Exercise – 2 hours of walking
Food consumed-
-Grilled bacon on 2 slices of bread (no butter). (457 Cal) -Fresh orange juice (134 Cal)
-KFC (popcorn chicken meal + diet coke) (361 Cal)
-Peach flavoured Robinsons squash (6 Cal)
-Rowntree random sweets (164 Cal)
TOTAL - 1122 Calories
Fresh Orange juice contains 62% vitamin C, 2% vitamin A and 2% iron. Orange juice is especially good to have in the diet because it is very low in saturated fat and a very good source of vitamin C and also vitamin B6. A bad point about consuming Orange juice is that A large portion of the calories in this food come from sugars.

Slept- 3am-1pm (10 hours)
Exercise- worked from 6pm-9pm (walking)
Food consumed-
-Garlic bread(150 Cal)
- Pizza hut pizza (chicken supreme) (1080 (270(*3) per slice) -Lemonade (109 Cal)
-Diet Coke (1 Cal)
-Dr pepper Zero (0 Cal)
-Cake (100 Cal)
TOTAL - 1440 Calories

Garlic bread from Pizza Hut contains about 150 calories per slice and 8g of fat, it works out that 8grams of fat are 125 of a person’s guideline daily amount (GDA). A slice of garlic bread contains 4% of calcium, 8% iron and 105 vitamin A. Also, The chicken supreme pizza from Pizza Hut contains 270 calories in one slice. A slice contains 12g of fat, 4g of that fat being saturated fat. 10% of viteman A and C, iron and calcium if found within the Chicken supreme pizza.

Slept- 3am-9pm (6 hours)
Exercise- worked 12noon-4pm (walking)
Food consumed-
-Cake (100 Cal)
-Chicken Tika Masala(360 Cal)
-Rice (205 Cal)
-Garlic naan bread (80 Cal)
-Diet Coke (1 Cal *3 glasses)
-Mcdonalds strawberry milk (380 Cal)
- Paprika Pringles (140 Cal)
-Alcohol (250 Cal)
TOTAL- 1518 Calories

This Diagram shows the…
-Fullness factor of the food
-Caloric Ratio
… Of the food consumed
Rice is very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol, it is also a good source of Manganese. The only problem with consuming rice is that it is high in sodium.

This graph shows each food/drink I have consumed within the 3 days and how high/low the calories are in each food in comparison. Strengths and weaknesses of my diet
Strengths| Weaknesses|
* Orange Juice contains a lot of vitamin C| |


| Protein | Calcium | Carbohydrates | Fats/saturated fat| sugar| starch| Thursday | | | | | | |
Friday| | | | | | |
Saturday| | | | | | |
How much protein, calcium, carbohydrates, fats, sugar and starch I consumed over 3 days compared to how much should be consumed.

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