Google Vision, Mission and Values.

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This assignment talks about the company called DELL, a computer hardware manufacturing and distribution. All the products of DELL are more compatible than the other manufactures product in the market. The business strategy was propagated by dell along with HTC for handled computers and for other devices of host computer. The gaming consoles of dell are successful in the market and they are congruent with the devices from Sony, Nintendo and other companies. In the year 1984 Michael Dell started PC’s limited while a student at the university, by trading and designing a small computer in a room. Michel dell was dropped out of university in the year 1985, in his early stage of designing a computer. Later on the company was successful in its production and in the expansion of business processes. 1. Company introduced mailing facilities for their customers. 2. The customers are able to select their confirmation with easy shipping facilities. 3. Dell has introduced two programs as their start up, called dell coupon program and phone call invoices are the key element for their business. By these entire plans dell get its position in the market among their competitors. Task 1:

Company background and considerations
All the business policies are changed by the change management in order to merge the company with the other relevant companies. Since the recent business are involved in company acquisitions, mergers, joint collaborations, which makes the organization better and to win among their competitors (Armstrong M., 2006).All the plans and proposals of change management mainly aims on the process management of the organization, this seems to be a critical factor. The main concept in the management change is it’s difficult to adjust with the merging company’s policies and activities like inventory management, purchase management, supply chain management and evaluation. At last these plans and processes of change management are given to both internal and external factors of dell. From internal collations,

The name dell refers to its production and satisfying the needs of a customer by serving them properly. The strategic statement of dell is to make the customer to feel the good experience and to get better comments, and to retain the customers with them. They serve their extend to give proper solutions to meet the expectations of the customer at the highest quality. Change for staff members

The employees in dell are working for wages and salary in all the departments. The basic needs of hired employees are taken care by the company according to the government rules and the company is not supposed to involve in any other services apart from the business activities. About employees are considered by dell, the organization is very much responsive to motivate and improve their standards about their functionalities to comfort them (Armstrong M., 2006). Motivation theory, Maslow’s and Alfelder’s theory was dealt with this concept. These employees’ helps in all the ways to achieve the organization’s goal .The strength of an individual employee and their department should be measured by the top level management in all the streams. By all these, the company can manage well even in the time of merger or acquisition. Need for system change

The dell corporation has applied cost-cutting as their strategic tool on its product and service. The organization was not able to satisfy the customer needs on time .hence they were not able to make profit in the year 1998. On this situation company examined the reason for the failure and found there was a significant gap in staffing and there was a lack of skill to meet up the customer needs. Then the customer was satisfied by the change management, after the introduction of staff oriented job among employees. Strategy change

The management initiated many internal changes in the entire department. The organization has been divided into five sections which come under the...

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