Google Tag Manager Case Study Airbnb

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knowledge for tag implementation, required add-on tools for QA and reporting, and highly expensive.

Marketing through Google Tag manager
After researching on multiple alternatives, Airbnb opted to choose Google tag manager for the below reasons,

• They already used several Google tools, so they anticipated Google Tag manager template to enable smooth integration.
• The QA and reporting features would make it simpler to test and deploy tags locally
• Being a free solution, it offered tangible benefits to company’s bottom line.
• Less time to implement, since standard set up was straight forward.
• Built a data layer which allows them to pass custom parameters for remarketing purposes.
Tag deployment duration cut from days to hours
In motive of...

Airbnb could actually track how long it took its hosts to fill out every field on the interface. Answers to following questions were easily found out, how many rooms? Amenities like Wi-Fi and air conditioning? But it’s not an easy decision to answer. How much to charge?

Airbnb’s approach was to develop an algorithm that took in multiple variables like the city, the neighborhood, the size of the apartment, etc. It would then churn out a predictive price for Airbnb hosts setting up a listing. When Airbnb first did an experiment with the predictive pricing, users who chose to use the suggestion price got three times the number of bookings than the control group–making a site-wide rollout an easy call. The solution to what should I charge?! Problem, then, was to get nuanced with neighborly boundaries and build the processing engines to allow for a smooth user experience.

Advanced Pricing Tool Trick

As part of this pricing technique, Airbnb will display only the advertised nightly rates when people are searching for accommodation. Once person views the property, they will be...
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