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Topics: Management, Senior management, Leadership Pages: 3 (1268 words) Published: December 2, 2014
In 2009, Google has created PiLab to improve people’s operation. PiLab initiated Project Oxygen to research the impact of managers on employees and methods to enhance management. Google’s problem now is how to implement the research to increase efficiency for management. There are three alternatives which are to study senior management and executives, providing guidance to team composition and to study the complete life cycle of managers. The criteria used to evaluate each alternative are whether it increase employee satisfaction, maintains corporate culture, increases productivity.

The first alternative is to study senior management and executives. PiLab could expand Project Oxygen and help senior managers acquire the skill sets they need such as inspiring others. There are three advantages to this alternative. The first advantage is that it would increase the productivity of senior managers. Senior managers would have an idea of their general performance and could apprehend their weaknesses and strengths. By figuring out which attributes specific to upper management lead to success, the company could also train senior manager more effectively. The second advantage is there is a trickle-down effect. A positive change in the upper management could influence those in subordinate positions and improve the company as a whole. With senior managers able to interact with and encourage employees, they would be able to permeate the company’s culture or plan throughout the company and consequently, increase productivity. The third advantage is that it would increase employee satisfaction. If senior manager could inspire and motivate the employees, employees would feel more respected and cared by the company. Moreover, with more efficient management, it would be more convenient for the employees to work in the company. However, there are three disadvantages. First, there could be a decrease in employee autonomy. Since senior managers wield more influence, employees...
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