Goodlife Fitness

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Section 1: Industry Overview

1-1: GoodLife Fitness Overview

* Established 1979.
* Canada’s largest and most successful fitness company. * Over 750, 000 members across Canada.
* 1 in every 45 Canadians has a Good Life Fitness membership. * Approximately 275 clubs across Canada.
* Employs over 9000 associates.
* Awards include:
* Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies Platinum Member status. * 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award.
* CVCA Entrepreneur of the Year award.
* Platinum club member award (GoodLife, History and Founder of GoodLife Fitness). * Community Involvement;
* The Good Life Kids Foundation.
* The Kilee Patchell-Evans Autism Research Foundation (founded in 2003). * GoodLife labeled chocolate milk as their official recovery beverage in order to support the local Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC).

Business Objectives/Mission & Unique Selling Proposition * To give every Canadian the opportunity to live a fit and healthy Good Life. * To help corporate Canada achieve health and wellness.

* Simple Philosophy: Caring - unmatched customer service. * The GoodLife Culture.

GoodLife Fitness prides themselves on their outstanding customer service and their commitment to core values. It is expected that all GoodLife Employees live the GoodLife culture on a daily basis.


The objective in which all GoodLife Fitness associates strive to achieve is to increase their membership base while creating a positive and inspirational environment for members to exercise. They attempt to stand out from other fitness companies by displaying that they are more than just another facility with services and equipment.

GoodLife Fitness continues to track new and current clients through their existing database. Growth over time is determined by the number of new members in each specific region. Tracking by club, in this case, is slightly less affective as members have access to all 275 locations across Canada and most members have more than one GoodLife Fitness facility in their area.

GoodLife Fitness has driven to make their goals a reality by developing the knowledge, attitudes, abilities and skills of their associates. By establishing guidelines of steps to be taken and appropriate time lines in which to achieve these goals, they continue to grow as a company.

The ability of GoodLife Fitness to dominate seemingly insurmountable issues continues to show that their growth has no perceivable end in sight. The intensity in which David Patchell-Evans speaks about the future is as though he has barely scratched the surface of his potential market.

Time Frame:
GoodLife Fitness sets reasonable time lines in order to track their progress to ensure measurable and accurate results. Generally, projects are implemented and tracked over a two to three year period allowing them to determine what they have accomplished thus far and to ensure that all plans are on track.

1-2: Competition
Figure 1-1: (YMCA) (Premiere) (GoodLife)
| GoodLife| YMCA| Premier Fitness|
Mission| To give every Canadian the opportunity to live a fit and healthy GoodLife, and to help corporate Canada achieve health and wellness.| YMCA Canada is dedicated to the growth of all persons in spirit, mind and body while upholding a sense of responsibility to each other and to the community.| Believes in an intelligent, prescriptive, approach to total health and fitness Committed to excellence in helping you achieve your goals. | Website| Yes - membership sign-up available online| No – (information link on the YMCA Canada website does give some information)| Yes - membership sign-up available online| Location| Canada| International| Ontario, Canada|

Child-minding Services| 6 months – 12 years| Infant – 6 years...
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