Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf

Topics: Beowulf, Grendel, Heorot, Hero, Epic poetry, Hroðgar / Pages: 3 (534 words) / Published: Sep 18th, 2015
In the poem of Beowulf, how is the theme loyalty, revenge and good vs. evil ? In those meaning the themes could definitely relate to the poem. To begin with, as reading the poem of beowulf it could fill in loyalty, revenge and good vs evil. the main character is beowulf because he is the ones that carries this poem to his journey. The other main characters are grendel, grendel mother and hrothgar. In the poem of beowulf is based on an old English written in anglo-saxon culture. Its also about a young warrior brings joyful around his castle and destroys nightmare away. He also becomes the biggest hero for hrothgar and serves his people of his territory where they defend their place. The theme of loyalty takes place where the king hrothgar who onced saved his father. For example, by his …show more content…
Because of that Grendel's mother wants revenge. Lastly, Grendel's mother was also killed by the lord Beowulf for attacking him at the danes with him and his warriors that were sleeping. The third themes talks about good vs evil. Good vs evil relates to the challenging of Beowulf's mens vs the dragon who is apparently Beowulf son. The dragon grapples and wrestles strikes the people in the danes. Beowulf is the god, who protects the people in the castle and the evil is the dragon who kills his men. Beowulf is absolutely the hero killing the dragon as he attacks their village. There is a second hero who is the only brave helper to attack the dragon “wulfgar” To explain, “wulfgar rushes to Beowulf and stabs the dragon in the belly and the dragon scorches wulfgar hand” (page !9 lines 980) The dragon attacked beowulf in the neck where he started to bleed. That was the prove that beowulf need help fighting the dragon while beowulf is also

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