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Stephanie Smith
19 Station Road
Tel No: 0113 3110 1103
Mobile: 0777 0007


A friendly, caring and hardworking undergraduate with a range of related experience, looking for employment opportunities working with children in a social supportive environment. Key Skills
• Creative: Able to provide creative solutions to problems. When working as a support assistant one child in my care refused to enter the classroom. I introduced a game of
“fairy steps, giant steps” in which he gradually approached the room. After several lessons this child with profound behavioural difficulties walked straight in.
• Interpersonal: Whilst on placement with the Portage department at Kirklees Council I visited parents in their homes to advise and support. I built rapport rapidly with both parents and children with techniques such as commenting positively and making small talk. A good relationship is essential to ensure an appropriate programme is in place to support each child.
• Communication: Seminars are an integral part of my course. When preparing a presentation for a seminar I ensure I understand the information, think about the key points I want to present and ensure I have any materials to back up what I am saying. I feel communication is as much about listening so I ensure I built in time for people to question and raise issues.
• Organisation: Combining part time work, voluntary activities and my degree requires excellent organisational skills. I manage this by working out detailed ‘to do’ lists with dates and times on. I combine this with a detailed study/ work diary which details key events such as assignment hand in dates.
Currently studying:
BA (Hons) Childhood Studies
Leeds Metropolitan University
Studying child growth and development in the context of different social, psychological, and cultural perspectives and policies. I have participated in two work placements
i) working in the Portage

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