Good Bye Party for Miss Pushpa T. S.

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About The Poet:

Goodbye Party For Miss Pushpa T. S. was written by Nissim Ezekiel, one of India's foremost Indo-Anglian poets. He was born in 1924 and was educated in Mumbai and London. He produced several volumes of verse and plays and was an art critic. Ezekiel died in 2004 at the age of 79.

Most of Ezekiel's poetry is for adults, as it is serious and quite difficult to understand. In this poem, however, Ezekiel uses simple Indian' English. Here he is making gentle fun of the people who cannot speak English properly by including in the poem common mistakes made by speakers whose mother tongue is not English. There are grammatical mistakes, strange arrangements of words and phrases and idioms which are direct translations of expressions in Indian languages - they all sound very odd in English. The poem is in the form of a speech made by one of Miss Pushpa's friends. It should be taken in the spirit in which it was written. Goodbye Party to Miss Pushpa T.S.


Nizim Ezekiel, a famous Indian poet, makes fun at Indians and their way of using English. Indians have their own use of English, which is different. This poem ridicules the Indian functions and the funny behaviour of Indian speakers.

The poem is about a send-off party to Miss Pushpa, who goes to abroad. Her colleagues have gathered at one place to wish her bon voyage. One speaker, through whom the poet ridicules the Indian culture and language, speaks the whole poem.

The character of Miss Pushpa

The speaker, throughout the poem, talks about Miss Pushpa and slowly reveals her character. The opening lines reveal two different characters of Miss Pushpa. First is that she is intelligent, because she goes to some foreign country. The second is that the speaker calls her as his sister. This sows that Miss Pushpa is a woman of some respect.

Miss Pushpa has a smiling face. The speaker says that Miss Pushpa is always found smiling. She takes life in a happy way. The speaker also says...
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