Poem Variation on the Word Sleep by Margret Atwood

Topics: Meaning of life, Non-rapid eye movement sleep, Unconscious mind Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: June 28, 2008
February 19, 2000
Analyzing a Poem
Variation on the Word Sleep by Margret Atwood
This is a poem about going into a dream. The speaker wants to sleep with a loved one and go into their dream and protect them from the subconscious fears. The speaker also wants to bring the loved one back from the dream safely and shelter that person. The speaker wants to be very important in the other person's life.

The poem's idea is clear in but the poem has a lot of words that help readers understand her message. Some of the meanings are literal, and some are topological. The different use of words in this poem help the reader to experience what the speaker is feeling. Literal meanings are words that don't have hidden meanings. Words like smooth meaning without edges, not rough, lets the reader know that it was not difficult to enter the dream. The word walk means to travel telling the reader that the speaker wants to go with the loved one through the dream. As the speaker goes further into the dream the word descend is used to let the reader know. Topological meanings are figures of speech, similes, metaphors, imaginary, personification, or symbolism. The reference to the silver branch, and the small white flower do not mean that the speaker really wants to give the items to the loved one. These items are symbolic of honor, power, good-luck, good, peace and hope. The speaker wants to make the journey through the dream as easy and peaceful as possible for the loved one. Also, the speaker could not become a boat or air, these are personifications. The speaker would like to be a boat that would take the loved one to safety. The speaker would also like to become air to give the loved one life. The speaker also references the loved one to a flame, she means that is his existence. The speaker in this poem is an inside speaker. She describes what she wants to do with the loved one, how she would like to travel with him or her in the dream. She tells of what she...
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