Golden Goa

Topics: Goa, Western world, Western culture Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Goa the narrow stretch of land on the western coast of India has become the destination for a large number of nature lovers and solitude seekers in recent times. The magnificent golden beaches stretching over a hundred kilometres of coastline have been the main attraction. The soothing greenery of the state and the warm hospitality of the people make for a comfortable stay. Goa may be one of the tiniest states of the Union, but it can be termed as one of the most fascinating. Here, a multitude of cultures blended owing to historical compulsions and each of them left its discernible imprint and desperate attempt to completely change the culture of the local population has made this state of India unique in every sense. Goa is heaven for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, adventurers and solitude seekers. It is a veritable paradise for archaeologists, historians and social scientists. There is something in the air of Goa along with the aroma of cashew and the soothing sea wind that tranquilizes your mind. The words that were once used to describe Goa as another part of this beautiful country: “if there is heaven anywhere on earth – it is here, it is here, it is here.” Many books on Goa begin with the history of the Christian era with emphasis on the Portuguese period. But there is much to be told about the pre-historic times when early man established his home in this land of abundance. Geographically, Goa is the narrow stretch of land beyond the Sahayadri range of mountains on the western coast of India. It was known as ‘Aparant’ (land of beyond) in ancient Hindu literature. It was also referred to as ‘Sunaparant’ (golden land of beyond) in Buddhist literature. The Goa region always occupied a special status in the history of mankind. This is apparent from the ancient names, defining the place as a land of happiness and natural abundance. Interestingly, much of the historical and the archaeological wealth of the state remained unexplored until very recently. One...
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