Going Green

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: July 8, 2014
‘Going Green’

Why is it everywhere people go they always see or hear about going green? It’s because going green plays a big role in the economy also the environment in today’s society. Indeed, people going green save on money, energy and using less gas is good for the environment. For example, when washing clothes in the washing machine one should always use cold water whenever possible because, almost ninety percent of energy goes to heating water. In the summer people can also hang dry inside and outside appose to using the drying machine. One can also install Energy star light bulbs, which reduces the amount of greenhouse gases people produce, it also saves them money on their bills and the planet earth will benefit from this action. Installation of gas water heaters is also very efficient and saves a bit of money as well. Saving water is another ‘going green’ activity, by cutting down the amount of water a person uses, one can install low-flow shower heads, fixtures and toilets. By cutting down the amount of water one uses each time they take a shower or use the restroom is basically on their way to be ‘going green’ while saving money on their water bill. Water is the most precious resource and people shouldn’t be taking it’s availability for granted. Moreover, people that go green use the least amount of gas as possible. For example, they ride their bikes, walk, carpool, transit and drive hybrid’s to work. Those examples save on gas money and other costs. The least amount of gas used is way better for the environment and riding a bike or walking is eco-friendly. In addition, going green play’s a big role in the economy also the environment, because it saves people money on water bills and electricity bills which is cheap for everyone and great for the environment.
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