Going Back to the Villages to Make a Developed India

Topics: City, School, College Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: February 19, 2013
India is a country of villages. Nearly five lakh villages exist in In a. While only about 28 per cent of the population lives in the cities, 72 per cent of the population lives in the villages. The villages thus occupy a place of great importance in the country. They are the base of India’s development in every sphere of life. There were many problems in the villages before Independence. There were no schools, hospitals, banks, etc., for the facilities of the villagers. There were no proper roads, electricity and tube wells. As a matter of fact their life was a hell. Since the dawn of Independence, the conditions in the Indian villages are changing very fast. The Government has opened night schools for the adults and primary schools for boys and girls. High schools and Inter colleges are established at every twenty kilometer of distance. The result is that they are now educated, illiteracy and ignorance are thus fast disappearing. . Till recently, most of the farmers were using the old methods of plouhing their’ fields, or sowing seeds and harvesting. However, the farmers are now using new techniques. They plough their fields with tractors, and irrigate their fields with water from tube-wells. With the abolition of zamindari, the person who ploughs the fields is now the real owner of the land. A great change has taken place in the political and social life of the villagers too. Before Independence, they had no say in the affairs of the village. Now Gram Sabha, Gram Panchayat an, Panchayati Adalat are there. Due to the functioning of these bodies, the villagers have now begun to understand their rights and duties. There are changes in others fields also: Roads are constructed by the villagers. Now every village is linked by roads to other parts of the country. Hospitals and government dispensaries have been established to remove the illness and diseases which usually become a curse on community. In short, the fact is that the development of villages is in a...
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