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Group Discusion

By praashantgurjar Feb 27, 2013 343 Words
Group Discussion
* Is Globalisation Really Necessary?
* What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population? * Corruption is the price we pay for Democracy
* Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture * What India needs is a Dictatorship.
* With media publishing and telecasting trivia, censorship is the need of the hour.  * Kaun Banega Krorepati is less about knowledge but more about money and personality. * Beauty contests degrade womanhood

* The rise of regional blocs threatens independent nations like India * Six billion and one bronze!
* Is dependence on computers a good thing?
* Should the public sector be privatised?
* China and India are similar nations with contrasting ways * Is India a Soft Nation?
* Value based politics is the need of the hour
* Religion should not be mixed with politics
* How to deal with high oil prices
* Our cricketers are not to blame for match fixing
* Why cant we be world players in industry as we are in software? * Multinational corporations: Are they devils in disguise? * Should there be limits on artistic freedom (the controversy on Fire). * Should there be private universities?

* Does banning fashion shows and New Year parties save our culture * Is India moving towards people management?
* Education in India – burden or opportunity?
* Human relations vs. Materialistic things?
* Globalization how real is it?
* Education vs. literacy.
* Unique identification number.
* Is rural India strength for India?
* Business, money or fame?
* Women –burden or backbone?
* Kids are more careers oriented. .
* Reality shows.
* Politics another career option?
* Pygmalion affects how much effective?
* A fool or an arrogant star?
* Study or extra curricular activity is the driven force to success? * Credit card spoiling habits?
* Machine over man or man over machine?
* Spiritualism is a curtain to crime?
* We or you?
* Tranquility satisfaction or success?
* Theory or practical?
* A fool or a competitive jerk?
* Dose really Placebo affects?
* Team worker or a Leader?
* Interview or GD?
* Management or technology –contributed to Indian development? * Blue eyes.
* Reason for tourism in India –business or tourist place? * Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour * Advantages of Co-education.  

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