God vs. Science: Battle of the Century

Topics: Earth, Religion, Universe Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: June 24, 2008
God Vs. Science: Battle of the century

As a scientific revolution begins; Humans are starting to comprehend the reality of what humans are, and how we got here. It was once thought that gods controlled the weather, even that our planet earth was the center of the universe. Science has become much more mainstream in society than in the past, and is respected and trusted to keep us safe and healthy. We depend on it and strive to understand more, with millions of dedicated scientists around the world making break throughs every day. At the same time as this scientific revolution is sweeping the globe, religion is not going unheard.

The belief in God has been the center of life for thousands of years, for thousands of cultures, and for billions of people. For recent centuries the most powerful argument for Gods existence from the physical world was the argument of “design.” It was a simple solution for a simple minded people; We thought “Living things are so beautiful and elegant and so apparently purposeful they could only have been made by an intelligent designer.”(TIME, Dawkins,Pg.52). Throughout the world different cultures bathe in their religion; their beliefs are priority and they live their lives under the rules of that religion. Its ironic that so many people throughout the world base their lives on something that has never been seen. We used god as place holder for the unknown. We see so much “design” around us, and in our lives that man had to turn to something more to answer this. Some turned to their religion and god, and some turned to the sciences to try and answer these questions.

Science progressed quickly and discovery’s where changing the the world at alarming rates. Cars started to flood the virgin roads built for foot travelers. Doctors had top end arsenal and saved more lives than any “healer” could. Man, who once thought the earth was the center of universe surrounded by heaven and hell, soon completed the first moon landing....

Bibliography: Holland, B. (2006, November). God Vs. Science. TIME, 168, 50-55.
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