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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a public healthcare system like the NHS

Module: LAN 303
Name of Student: JIE CHEN
Student ID: S12002418
Lecturer: Lloyd

The National Health Service created in 1947 by A Labour government. According to the Beverage Report the suggestions and displaced a private system of payment for health care with one of free treatment for all at the point of need. The medical profession wishes keep private medicine and negative the establishment of the NHS, but this was reported by the Labour government (Oakland, 2011. p212). The NHS represents the National Health Service that provides healthcare for all UK citizens. It is according their requirement instead of their ability to pay for and it is funded by taxes.
The service is very important in this country. It as a free service and it is an achievement, and it is considered to be one of the successes of consumer demand. In principle, no matter labour or non labour, regardless of the size of the personal ability to pay, and can get free all-round medical service. Everyone enjoy medical security and can effectively control medical total cost, better reflect the principle of social equity. So, I think this service has advantages more than disadvantage.
A public healthcare system is very important to citizens. It is can help a lot of poor people and low income of worker. This service on the basis of their requirement isn’t their ability or funding.
In cost, NHS provides care free most British residents (see right care). This is a huge advantage compared with health system in many other countries health insurance costs, quarter operation cost, prescription, particular test and treatment. The NHS and health care was estimated to cost 122 pounds billion of total government spending tin the 2010 budget and is the biggest single employer of labour in Western Europe. (Oakland, 2011. p213) You will pay NHS when you pay the UK tax. Every taxpayer

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