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Whole Foods Market is a foods supermarket chain based in Austin, Texas which emphasizes "natural and organic products." The company has been ranked among the most socially responsible businesses. In the words of John Mackey, Founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, the goals of the company are 1. Satisfying & delighting customers

2. Increased financial resources
3. Community and environmental responsibility
4. Team members happiness
Whole Foods is known for rejecting traditional corporate management models in favor of decentralized decision-making. Company encourages decisions to be made at the regional level as regional management is better able to understand the needs of local shoppers. Today, Whole Foods has 12 regional offices. Thus, as Whole Foods has gotten bigger, it has actually gotten smaller. Whole Foods has also decentralized the staffing and training of team members. Whole Foods is comprised entirely of inter-related teams; every regional office and every store are considered teams. The impetus for driving change and improvements doesn’t come from a corporate mandate, but from a grassroots effort; excellence is a result of collective success of subordinate teams working to achieve company goals. While Whole Foods does customize the design of new stores to fit within the surrounding community and location. To ensure ample access to their target consumer segments, they select communities with a large number of college-educated residents with no less than 200,000 people within a 20-minute drive. In addition, the site must be large enough to accommodate a 25,000 - 50,000 square foot facility with abundant exclusive use parking.

1. Motivated team members
2. Innovation and excellent customer service
3. Sales growth
4. Profit growth
All stores operate under minimal governance and are given maximum freedom to source a product mix that is appropriate for their location. Whole Foods stores operate under the premise that they need these freedoms to meet the unique buying needs of its local customers. The only governing rule put in place by the corporate office is that stores must not stock products with artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, sweeteners, or hydrogenated oils. Whole Foods stores do not have Department but, only "Teams" of employees. There are no managerial job titles, just Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders. Team Members decide everything from local suppliers to who should get hired onto the Team. Generally, the company tries to achieve consensus at Team meetings, where workers brainstorm about new ways to raise productivity. And new hires need to win the votes of at least two-thirds of Team Members. Whole Foods have created stores that give customers the ability to gather, learn, interact and enjoy food shopping and eating experience. Store designs are innovative and different which gives customers a welcoming aura and feeling. Customers get to meet in-store chefs who have the expertise to provide assistance and valuable information to them. Whole Foods believes that this level of expertise is essential to achieving their goal of providing excellent customer service. When checking out at the cash register, it is Whole Foods’ attention to details that sets it apart from the competition. For example, if a customer is buying a carton of eggs, the cashier will open them to make sure that none are cracked. He will even place tape or rubber bands around the containers for some items to secure them for their journey to the customer’s home. It is these small gestures that make the customer feel that he is getting superior treatment and perhaps helps to justify the marked-up prices that he will pay.

1. Professional growth
2. Personal growth
3. To get recognized and get appreciated for the work done
4. Fulfilling aspirations
The liberal dress code at Whole Foods allows expressions of...
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