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Topics: Soybean, Genetically modified organism, Tofu Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: March 1, 2013
1. Salmon
Genetically engineered food from animals might not be on the market yet, but a few already have been approved. GM salmon is, as we speak, on its way to our dinner table. Wild salmon matures slowly, taking up to three years to reach its full size. GM salmon, on the other hand, not only will grow faster but also should reach about twice the size of its wild cousin. The creators of the GM salmon, a private company called AquaBounty, promises to harvest the salmon before it reaches its full size, thus preventing "giant" versions [source: Discover Magazine]. The GM salmon, known as AquAdvantage, is meant to be grown in fish farms. According to proponents of the modification, this would reduce fishing of wild salmon, in turn protecting both the wild population of fish and the environment from human intrusion. Ironically, the major concern in the production of GM salmon is its impact on the environment. Although the genetically engineered fish is supposed to be sterile, experts believe there's no way this can be ensured, because DNA tends to mutate over time [source: Soil Association].

2. Soybean
As of 2004, 85 percent of the soybeans grown on U.S. soil have been genetically modified [source: Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology] Because soy is widely used in the production of other items (including cereal, baked products, chocolate and even ice cream), chances are everybody in the U.S. is eating GM soy. It might be worth noting, however, that tofu and soy sauce are usually made from non-GM soybeans, a variation from most other soy products, which likely are GM-based. The bulk of the soybean crop is not destined to human consumption but instead used for livestock feed. For those who aren't vegetarians, this becomes another source of GM foods, as the gene is passed on through the meat. The soybean seems so natural, and many products made from it are. But GM soybeans are big, and are added to all sorts of food products you eat every day.

3. Tomatoes...
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