Globalization essay

Topics: Corporation, Water pollution, India Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: March 16, 2014
Coca-Cola in India
Coca-Cola’s exploitation of labour and resources in India is the perfect example of the destructive powers of transnational corporations, and when Coca-Cola began to set up its factories in India many problems occurred shortly after. Once the factories started being built in India, land had to be cleared for the factories, and this resulted in a devastating loss of agricultural land. Since Coca-Cola is a transnational corporation, they definitely have the power to take the land from agricultural workers, taking away their livelihood, and leaving them with no source of income. This caused the agricultural market of India to plummet, and the consumers have become dependent on other transnational corporations to purchase food from – which adds to the vicious cycle of exploitation due to transnational corporations. Many farmers have also been driven to suicide because they were unable to make a living with their farm land taken away, and the loss of human lives is probably the greatest tragedy that results from globalization. After Coca-Cola had set up their factories, the nightmare was not over for India just yet. Now that the factories were set up Coca-Cola had to hire workers to work in their dreadful factories where the working conditions were appalling; many of the workers were forced to work on dangerous assembly lines, where the Coca-Cola products were package, which could cause them serious physical pain and the tedious tasks they were forced to perform were said to be physiologically damaging as well. Now that Coca-Cola had its workers to work for them, they intended to keep them in their factories for as long as possible – regardless of the age or gender of the worker. This meant that the child labourers in Coca-Cola factories would not be permitted to attend school, and when the future generation of India is left uneducated, there is a low chance of India stabilizing in the future. The lack of women being educated in India also...
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