Global Water Shortage Problem

Topics: Water, Water crisis, Water resources Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Water shortage is a global problem by William 8H
Water shortage is a problem worldwide - A combination of climate change and poor resource management is leading to water shortages in even the most developed countries. In London, leaks from water mains are wasting 300 Olympic swimming pools worth of water every day whilst southern parts of Europe is becoming drier as a result of climate change and glaciers in the North pole which are a significant source of water, are depleting. Many other countries are using more water than can be replenished. Such consequences of these actions can lead to water scarcity, which means there might not be enough water to provide the population leading to severe problems such as limited development and poor health. Due to massive water use per day, people may encounter water stress where water is temporary unavailable or in short supply in particular locations. To counter water stress, people may have to make difficult choices for the use of water between personal consumption, agriculture and industry. A rich country (MEDC) may encounter water stress and a poor country (LEDC) may encounter water scarcity. In both cases, it causes many problems such as an increase in water consumption by 70% in MEDC countries whilst diseases spread much faster due to poor water conditions. As LEDC cities grow, so does the demand for water. The problem doesn't end when water supplies have been improved and pipes put in place. The water has got to come from somewhere, and the source of supply may be scarce. It is LEDCS whoever the lowest access to safe water as shown on the map:

There are many reasons for a shortage in water, for example: rivers are running dry. Many major rivers, including the Colorado, Ganges are so over-tapped they now run dry for part of the year. In 1972, the Yellow River in China failed to reach the sea for the first time in history. That year it failed on 15 days; every year since, it has run dry for a longer period of time,...
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