Global Warming - A persuasive speech

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel, Global warming Pages: 5 (1532 words) Published: August 28, 2007
Glaciers are melting. The sea is rising. The highest CO2 levels in 650,000 years. The outlook is bleak. Climate Change, the most worrying environmental threat of our time is starting to unfold. Predictions of fiercer droughts, more severe cyclones, and more frequent floods invade our media and perhaps our consciousness. The future will see polar icecaps melt due to the increasing temperatures. The warmer waters may cause the death of the Great Barrier Reef, placing thousands of species of plants and animals in danger, and many may become extinct.

Then there's the economic costs of climate change - loss of tourism, loss of jobs, loss of fish, farmers battling, food prices through the roof, astronomical costs from more frequent natural disasters, the list goes on.

It almost sounds like a mad max scenario, but the sad fact is, it's far from fiction. I'm Matt Hindmarsh from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and I believe that as the caretakers of this planet we must strive together to reduce our carbon emissions and… save the planetBACKGROUND:We've all heard about Climate Change and you've now heard me list some of its disastrous effects, but what exactly causes it? And what can we do about it?In a nutshell, global warming, known as climate change, is the heating up of our world. It is the result of huge amounts of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, via the burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil to produce power and electricity and thousands and thousands of products, from plastic to makeup to the clothes that we wear.

Ever since the industrial revolution in the early 19th century, man has been progressively burning more and more fossil fuels. In fact, in recent times the burning of fossil fuels has been releasing more than a shocking 3 billion metric tonnes of CO2 per year, which has been effectively increasing the global temperature of the world and disrupting vital climate systems.

We are all global citizens. We all have access to information, facts, figures and statistics that undeniably prove climate change exists. We all depend on our earth - for clean air, for food and water, for resources, for our livelihoods. We are all consumers. We are all contributing to climate change. We are all responsible for our actions. We are all obligated to do something about it.

If not to save our own skins, think about our children, and our children's children. Do you want them to inherit a devastated world, knowing full well that we contributed to its destruction? Do we want to be the generation that could have done something real, but instead chose to continue down this selfish road of pollution, alarming consumption and total disregard for the world we live in. Lets be the people that change the course of history.

The three biggest contributors to climate change are man-made, but all three of them can, and will be solved with your efforts.

PROBLEM 1: Massive carbon emittersPowerful corporations like the oil-producing BHP Biliton, aluminium giant Alcoa, and of course the coal burning mega factories that supply our electricity rely on the burning of fossil fuels, and are contributing huge amounts of emissions each year. They are literally pumping tonnes of the toxic gasses into the atmosphere that are slowly poisoning our planet.

These powerful companies have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, they don't want to see change because their profit depends on it. Some oil-mining companies even try and deny the existence of global warming whatsoever, just so they don't have to take responsibility for the huge part they play. I wonder what their grandchildren will think of them when they realise that they chose profit over keeping our world healthy. But things need to change, and with your help they can. As individuals we have the power to help solve every one of them. Every individual can play an important part.

PROBLEM 2. Energy consumptionAlthough we are not the ones creating the energy,...
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