Research Essay(3. the Decisions We Make as Individuals Have a Significant Impact on the Environment.)

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Part D: Journal Entries

Journal Entry 3.1: The Cost of Consumption (4 marks)

Write a journal entry on the basis of the following topic. Your entry should be approximately 150-200 words. If you were to write a thesis statement for the chronological composition, “A Day in the Life,” what would you write? Consider the following information: Every time we use fossil fuels, we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fuel must be burned to extract oil from the ground and process it; and then more fuel must be burned just to transport the fuel to where we buy it! Scientists believe that it is carbon dioxide emissions that are responsible for climate change, specifically the global warming effect.

Air pollution is dangerous in the world, and it is mainly caused by fossil fuel emissions

Global Warming is unleashing health problems through the world. These affects are expected to worsen if great changes aren’t taking place. More people are dying now from all the heat being released. Natural disasters are beginning to become a problem worldwide. Without a severe change more heat waves, rain storms, tropical cyclones, and surges in sea level will occur frequently.

Malaria, floods, and malnutrition claims 150 thousand lives per year. These effects are expected to worsen through the years. The rising of sea levels have destroyed many farmlands. This has also caused migration in the Marshall and South Pacific Islands. Migrating may also have a huge impact on spreading diseases. Global Warming is expected to cause more droughts, floods, and climate upsets. Also it can result in disrupting our food production and occasionally lead to famine Economic upheaval and political arrest may also be some effects.

I believe that we should watch the signs of the times, our planet is hurting and it is important that we pay attention and do something to help save our planet and the human race. I think we should always be aware of the global warming effects.

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