Global Citizenship

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Global Citizenship
With the developed information technology, the world has become smaller and smaller as a whole. However, a gap between poor and rich is growing in the last decades (Eikenberry, 2006, p.587). The philanthropy, which means voluntary contribution to welfare, also has received more attention in the mainstream media. Philanthropy from a few privileged people in richer countries can make a difference to the poorer people and countries. Just as Margaret Mead (cited in Leder, 2005, p.1) said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can changed the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. Philanthropy which helps others is also a similar attitude to global citizenship. Global citizenship means recognizing the common humanity and establishment of the sense of agency and responsibility which is able and willing to engage the world thoughtfully, helpfully and hopefully (Kornelson, 2011, p.92). This essay will discuss global citizenship in three aspects: environment, education and diversity, and links them with the common responsibility. Then this essay will also analyses McDonald’s as an instance to explain its global citizenship.

There are three responsibilities for global citizenship, which are environment, education and diversity. A true global citizenship is not only a spectator, but also an active participant, who takes actions and makes contributions at home, in the society and beyond. He or she respects all people equally without considering their race, religion, belief, age and gender (Thomas, 2009, p.2). Firstly, environment issues should be considered by global citizenship. One major characteristic of globalization is the increasing of interdependence, and in some extent has caused climate change, which can be seen as the cumulative effect of human activities when viewed at the level of global scale when multiplied up to whole populations and repeated over decades or centuries(Gibson, Rimmington & Landwehr-Brown, 2008, p.19). For example, planes used for global traveler have consumed lots of fuels which produce vast quantities of greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, educating for global citizenship, which means learners of different cultures use technology to improve their global perspectives, is increasingly named as a goal of education (Gibson et al., 2008, p.20). For instance, the international education programs beyond a prescribed curriculum and focus on the recruitment of students from abroad as well as providing opportunities for local students to take a part in international travel. The Alberta government funds and oversees an international education program that is part of its wider international relations policy. Students who attend this programs believe that they successfully participate in the role of global citizenship (Shultz, 2007, p.253). Moreover, global citizenship should also take the responsibility for acting and promoting diversity. As a result of Internet, citizens around the world have become more and more interconnected, and they can make contributes to news and information systems which led to a smaller and smaller earth (Gibson et al., 2008, p.19). Therefore, a good global citizenship in a cultural diverse society should be able to maintain attachments to their own cultural communities as well as participate effectively in the diverse environment of cultural.

However, McDonald’s is a global organization who plays a significant role as a global citizenship. McDonald’s is one of the world largest fast food restaurants who mainly supply burger/sandwich, fries, and a drink - overwhelmingly Coca-Cola (Vignali, 2001, p.98). It currently has over 34,000 restaurants in 119 countries across the world and employs more than 1.7 million employers.

McDonald’s contributes to helping protect the global environment in three aspects: stop using plastic foam containers, saving energy and developing sustainable farming. To begin with,...
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