What Citizenship Means to Me

Topics: Law, Citizenship, Government, Core issues in ethics, United States, Sovereign state / Pages: 4 (791 words) / Published: Feb 20th, 2013
August Jason Babasa
Fey Engl 1301
Feb. 01 2013

What Citizenship Means To Me

So what does citizenship means to me? Is it just a piece of paper that says you are a citizen of a country or does it mean something more in a deeper level. When I was just a little boy my mother always talks about that when we move to the United States we should apply for citizenship immediately. As I was growing up here in the United States I slowly understand what citizenship means to me. Being a citizen for me is fulfilling my obligations toward my country, Living a lifestyle that benefits myself and my community and having good sense of patriotism.

Fulfilling my obligations toward my country is what citizenship means to me. Obligations like paying taxes to further improve the conditions of living in the country because if we do not pay our taxes our country will more likely go on a decline and we are the ones who are going to suffer and endure hardship. Abiding by the laws enforced by our government also shows what citizenship is. Laws are made to keep order and discipline to the people; and if we do not follow the laws our government passes our country will go into chaos and disorder .Crime rates will go up and in the end we the people are the ones who will suffer. Finally it is our obligation to vote for our government officials. They are the ones who will govern us and it is our duty to elect the right personnel that are capable of governing us because if the wrong people are elected our country will suffer graph and corruption and we the people are the one who will feel the impact of their wrong doings. In closing fulfilling my obligations toward my country is what citizenship means to me.

Living a lifestyle the benefits me and my community is what citizenship means to me. Helping other people that are in need is one way of showing what a good citizen is. Back where I was from we have a thing called “bayanihan” it is when a group of people help out

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