Charecteristics and Enviornments of a Human Service Organization

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The economy continues to fall apart more every day. Many people are have been laid off from work and have no choice but to turn to places like food banks or depend on welfare to put food on his or her family’s plates. This paper will mention a local organization that gives food to the individuals in need, explore the organization’s mission/vision, and mention the governing/staffing of the organization. The paper will also mention the organization’s stakeholders and the influence that the stakeholders have on the organization. The paper will also mention how the organization demonstrates the value of diversity, what environmental trends the organization faces, and how the organization manages those trends. Finally the paper will mention the role the organization plays in the community and why it is important to each of them. Human Service Organization

The Good shepherd food-bank also known as the (GSFB) is a local organization, located in Auburn, Maine. They have been helping individuals in need for over 30 years and have provided undernourished children in Maine with nutritious food. The Good Shepherd food bank’s mission is to help those who are at risk of hunger by delivering food to many local nonprofit organizations that feed individuals in need of food. The Good Shepherd food bank was created by an individual was follows the Christian faith. It is a religious-based organization that was created to share the love of the lord and savior Jesus Christ. There vision is that no child in the state of Maine will ever go hungry or be undernourished. The Organization will not discriminate against anyone because of religion, race, gender, age, or sexual preference. If other organizations like local food-banks are low on food the GSFB is there to help those organizations (Good Shepherd food-Bank, 2011). Governing, staff, and stakeholders

The board of directors and other...

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