giving birth to my son

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Writing III Esthefany Hidalgo Essay II October 7, 2013
When I give birth to my son Jeremy:

Giving birth is a very joyous occasion. I never knew how great it would feel until I gave birth myself for the first time. At Lady of Lourdes Hospital, in October 24, 2011. It was such a special time in my life and I will never forget it. There are many phases you go through giving birth. During my personal experience there are three things that I remember the most about childbirth and they are the contractions, labor pains and the actual birth itself. Having contraction is the most painful experience that I have ever had. When you start to have contractions that’s signal to let you know that the baby is on the way. It’s not a good feeling it was the most painful part about giving birth. Once the pain of the contractions starts to ease off a little the rest is easy. Then you start to have labor pains which are like contractions, but you are now in what they call “True Labor.” This means that it’s time for you water to break and the baby is getting closer to being born into the world. Labor pains are not as painful as contractions. It’s the second phase of giving birth and letting you know that it’s almost over. Once the water breaks then you know that it’s time. The baby can be here at any given time now. It may take hours then it may only take a couple of seconds but the baby is almost here. Finally, you have the actual...
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