Ghandi Timeline

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Time line:
1869 - October 2, Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India 1876 - Gandhi moves with his family to Rajkot, India
1883 - Gandhi gets married at the age of thirteen to Kasturba           Makanji            1888 - Gandhi sails to England so that he can study law
1891 - Gandhi returns to India and begins to practice law
1893 - Gandhi accepts a job in South Africa
1903 - Gandhi decides to open a law office in Johannesberg, South Africa 1906 - Gandhi organizes his first protest against anti-Indian      laws in South Africa 
 1908 - Gandhi is imprisoned in South Africa
 1915 - Gandhi returns to India
 1922 - After a big trial, Gandhi is sentenced to six years in jail  1930 - Gandhi has to go to jail for breaking India's Salt Laws  1932 - Gandhi fasts to protest treatment of Untouchables  1934 - He launches the All Indian Village Industries Association  1942 - Gandhi begins the nationwide "Quit India" movement

1944 - Gandhi's wife dies at age seventy-four
 1947 - India gets its independence from the British
1948 - On January 30, Gandhi is killed at a prayer meeting in Delhi  Soliloquy
People are humans that are the same even if from a different religion, but I still don't know why Hindus and Muslims fight. I have thought of many ways to stop them from fighting. I only was left with one idea which was making them two countries. I tried to think of new ideas but no, most of the Hindus and Muslims disagreed with my ideas. I only wanted peace between these religions because “Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.” What I mean is that I am still a human and I have joined 4 religions. What is the purpose of fighting? So I decided to separate India into two countries India and Pakistan. This was the best plan that worked. Many people agreed with my idea to separate India into two countries.

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