Germanic Peoples and English Settlers

Topics: Germanic peoples, Ethnic groups in Europe, French language Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Professor Martin
HIS 101
10 April 2010
Essay #1
What aspects of the non-English styles (Spanish, Dutch, French) show a different mindset from that of the English settlers? (That is, what values or priorities are different?) As we have read in the book, Agriculture has become very big in our society today. The way a house is built gives a home its beauty, and it’s feeling. The non-English style houses (Spanish, Dutch and French) show a different mindset and have different features compared to the English settlers. The English were part of what we now call the "eastern Woodland" culture. They were semi-nomadic, and built simple, temporary houses built from products of the forest, know as "wigwam," from an Algonkian word for "dwelling.” Eventually The English developed a simple, rectilinear style of architecture known as " New England style." This style was simple, had a high-pitched roof, was small and had a wood frame. The net popular style for the English was the "saltbox house." It was called “saltbox” because it was shaped like boxes salt came in. It had a sloping roof so that snow and rain could slide off. The Spanish houses were always beautiful and brought attention to the eye. Spanish colonial style houses are very true to the original Spanish houses in Spain. The Spanish used adobe as the main material to build their houses. The Governor's Palace in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a gorgeous Spanish style house and its roof poles stick out over the front of the house, which is a typical Spanish feature. San Luis Obispo is very plain but beautiful Spanish style. This building was very box looking, had small windows and looked like a castle. I love the Spanish style homes because they look different than many other styles of homes. The have their “own style” making them different and unique. The Dutch style houses are also very unique and are usually easy to spot because of their distinct gambrel roof (the slope of...
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