Regency to Victorian Architecture

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There were two main types of architectural styles popular in the Regency period. The first one was called medieval revival. This is often referred to as Victorian Gothic, or more accurately, Gothic Revival. This style was based on medieval architecture, particularly the Gothic churches of the late 13th and early 14th century. Many Gothic Revival buildings used stucco in place of medieval stone, and braced fanciful Gothic curves with hidden iron struts. The second, and more popular style of Regency architecture, was classical in nature. This meant that it used the philosophy and traditional designs of Greek and Roman architecture. The typical Regency upper or middle-class house was built in brick and covered in stucco, or painted plaster. Greek columns, as well as carefully molded cornices, were reproduced in cheap stucco. The phrase commonly used to describe the overall effect is "refined elegance". Windows were tall and thin, with very small glazing bars separating the panes of glass. Balconies were of extremely fine ironwork, made of such delicate curves as to seem almost too frail to support the structure. Proportions were simple, relying on clean, classical lines for effect rather than decorative touches.

Until the about the 1840s, this style of Greek revival was favorable, but at this point the style had been exhausted and no longer as well-liked. Many of what once had been stone houses were being made into wooden houses, a more popular and affordable alternative. Architects were well educated and creative, using their inspirations, geometry, nature, history to come up with unique designs. These houses were more complicated, ornate and colorful, and they quickly spread to America where they became just as popular. “Renaissance” style and “medieval” or “Queen Anne” styles were used on the exteriors of houses, and everything inside and out seemed very elaborate. Elegant chandeliers, connecting rooms with big, elaborate doorways and carefully designed...
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