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TD Canada Trust
1 Describe how TD Canada Trust competes.
Td Canada Trust competes with the other banks in many various ways. One of the ways that they compete is by offering what other banks do not. A good example of this is how TD offers Sunday banking hours. No other banks have Sunday banking hours; they are all closed except for TD. Another example of this is extended banking hours. This is huge because lots of people get caught up in traffic on their way home, and not only that but people may have to work late and can’t get to the bank in time. Td solved this problem by extending their weekday hours to accommodate. This is an excellent way to compete and puts them way in front of the competition. As you can see this puts them way ahead of the competition, they have a total of 50% more hours than the competition. That is huge! Also another way they compete is by making house calls. They have a special department (mortgage specialists) and they will come to your house and talk to you. This is amazing because the customer does not have to get up and go to the bank, the bank comes to them. This is a huge step in beating out the competition. Next they have added a huge new feature to their banks that put them way in front. TD has opened their banks up to the LGBT group. They welcome all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender customers. They give them a safe comfortable place for them to do their banking. On top of that they also sponsor the LGBT functions and events. This gives them a big jump on the competition. Not only that but they have also opened up to the diverse culture, black people, brown people, any sorts of people and promotes diversity in the community. They also sponsor diverse events such as, black history in Canadian education, anti-bullying, and anti-discrimination campaigns. Finally this is how TD competes with the other banks, and I would say they have a big jump on the competition. 2. TD Canada trust uses the big comfty green chair as its...
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