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Value of Water
Humans have never had to deal with problems associated with water pollution until now, when we have already caused irreversible damage and have run into major difficulties regarding water worldwide. Although we rely on this critical resource to survive, we have failed to take care of our sources and water pollution has increasingly become a large problem that humans must deal with. Water is a human’s most valuable resource and it is essential to every living species. Humans can survive without food for several weeks, but we would die in less than a week without water. On a dramatic note, people consume and waste millions of gallons of water every day worldwide not only for washing, irrigating crops, and cooling in industrial processes, but also for filling swimming pools and water sports centers. Despite our dependence on water, we use it as a dumping ground for all sorts of waste, and do very little to protect the water supplies we have. 1. Weber, Peter. World Watch. Washington: Mar 1994. Vol. 7, Iss. 2; p. 20 The oceans are one of the most important natural resources on the planet. Many plants, fish, and mammals have made the ocean their home. Much of the world's human population depends a great deal on the ocean for their own food or to make a living. Because of the importance for the ocean, it must be taken care of to insure a future for a clean planet.

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“More than four out of every ten gallons of water used in the US are used for industrial purposes.” A large amount of this water is dumped back into the oceans. This water is usually not clean, and may contain thousands of different chemicals. When this happens it can kill marine life, contaminate food supplies, and endanger people who use waters for fishing, swimming, or drinking.

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“Low-level oil contamination can kill larvae and cause disease in marine life.” The oil can coat marine animals and cause death. Many animals also ingest the oil. Marine life is affected by all of the pollutants, not just oil.

4. Champ, Michael A., Thomas P. O'Connor, and P. K. Park. "Marine Pollution Bulletin." Ocean Dumping of Seafood Wastes in the United States 12.7 (1981): 241-44. Web.

“Water quality parameters affected by these wastes are biochemical oxygen demand, total dissolved solids, chemical oxygen demand, oil and grease, pH, and turbidity.” One of the most harmful pollutants is oil. Gallons and gallons of oil are dumped, leaked, or seeped into the ocean each year.

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Earth’s surface is covered by 70% water. Only 3% of all water is fresh and drinkable and of that 3%, 75% is frozen, which leaves a grand total of only 1% of the Earth's surface water that is readily available for consumption. After taking that fact into an account, one can see why the conservation and protection of our remaining water supply is so vital.

6. Abdalla, C. W., B. A. Roach and D. J. Epp. (1992), 'Valuing environmental quality changes using averting expenditures: an application to groundwater contamination', Land Economics 68: 163-169.

Water quality is a major environmental issue. Pollution from nonpoint sources is the single largest remaining source of water quality impairments in the United States.

7. Zabadal, J. R. S., M. T. M. B. Vilhena, S. Q. Bogado and C. A. Poffal (2005), ‘ Solving unsteady problems in water pollution using Lie symmetries’, Ecological Modelling 186: p.271-279.

This work proposes an analytic method to simulate the environmental damage caused by accidents with chemical...
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