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Water resourcing and the depletion of natural habitats as well as clean water has become an issue that the world needs to take seriously. With so many elements affecting the water supply of the world and the living and nonliving inhabitants of the world’s water, we as humans have a priority and a responsibility to take actions to ensure that the world’s water is kept clean, resourced, and the inhabitants of the water are protected. Human interaction and climate control play a major role in the depletion and destruction of the world’s water and the effects of each must be changed with a solid plan of action. One of the major contributive issues that the issues we face of water cleanliness, resourcing, and the depletion of the living inhabitants face is of the interactions of humans. Human interaction has caused several issues when it comes to the water supply depletion and the depletion of living species. Humans have a responsibility to take this issue seriously and many have made positive efforts to maintain resourcefulness and maintain a replenishment of the living species by methods and plans to keep our waters thriving. One of the positive actions taken is to incorporate strict laws on pollution and overfishing the water that the world provides. Although there are humans that take this issue seriously and incorporate plans to bring a positive action, there are also humans who contribute negatively to the problems we face with the water the world provides. These negative effects of human interaction include the disposing of trash and litter into our clean water system. Pollution has become a major issue stemming from household trash to oil spills both producing a damaging affect. The dumping of trash and major oil mishaps has made our waters unsafe for human consumption and for the living species that depend on the natural water. The trash that is inserted into the water along with the oil spills creates an unsafe substance that can cause health issues if in contact with for all living species living on the earth. With a good plan and education for the people we can stop the pollution of the earth and its water supply. According to Comments for Pollution Prevention RMS Narrative, Jul 2, 2008, some benefits of reducing pollution are “Need to add a section on benefits of Pollution Prevention, especially long-term and non-quantified costs. Include avoidance costs.

• Benefits of water quality are intimately linked to water supply. • Describe what people will be able to achieve to help their situation. Resourcing the water supply and creating plans and structures to save our natural waters has become a topic of today. The depletion of our water supply due to human involvement and the inability to conserve has brought attention to the need to resource our water. With the population increasing year by year we consume more and more of the earth’s water supply without a system to replenish what we use. As we continue to populate the earth, perhaps over populate, we continue to deplete the supply of water. This issue stems from unawareness of population and the effects of wasting water. According to http://www.atlas.keystone.edu “There are many things we can do in our daily activities to conserve our water supply.  The simplest but the most often forgotten is to NOT WASTE WATER!  If you have a leaky faucet or running toilet, fix it! Brush your teeth with the water off, limit baths taken and shower time, or purchase a showerhead that regulates water flow from the tap.” With a good plan and education of how to save water, we can stop the wasting of water and begin to resource what is left to prevent water depletion which affects all living species on earth. Stopping the unnecessary pollution of our waters and starting to resource our waters will have a major impact on the inhabitants that depend on water to thrive. However human interaction plays a negative role again...

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