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Task 2 2.1
TEMPLATE 2: Conduct directed geography research
A. Collect and record primary/secondary data in your local area
Secondary Data 2.2

Tuesday 11 February Wednesday 12 Febuary

Thursday 13 February Friday 14 February

Saturday 15 Febuary

Sunday 16 Fedbuary

Saturday 15 February Sunday 16 February

Sunday 23 February Monday 24 February

Task 3 3.1 Present your data Weather station
I constructed my own weather station to record 14 days of weather. My weather station was located at the Christchurch Boys High hostel on the front field so it is exposed to all the elements throughout the day wind, rain, and the Sun. I recorded my data every night at 6:30pm consistently over the 14 day period.

Wind vane 3.2
I made my wind vane out of cardboard, sand, 2l bottle, and kebab sticks. Every night it measured the direction of the wind by having it face north and let the wind turn the arrow to the direction the wind was blowing. Overall it gave me a rough idea of the wind directions and patterns in Christchurch. Thermometer Screen 3.3

My thermometer that I constructed to record the temperate over the 14 day period consisted of an eel spare and a white bucket cut in half and a thermometer. Firstly I placed the thermometer into the bucket then leave it outside for at least 10 minutes so it can adjust to the temperate then I will record the data. The thermometer screen was placed outside on the front field in the same position as the wind vine. Comparing the data at the end of the 14 days showed that at 6:30 pm the temperate was roughly the same.

Rain Gauge 3.4
My rain gauge was made out of one 1litre Bottle and a pump 750 ml bottle. It was located out the back of the Christchurch boy’s high hostel in the volley ball court. I placed it in the volley ball court because it was secure in the sand. Every day that it rained I would retrieve how much rain fell up to 6:30 pm then record in the morning to add on more rain that may have fell.

Anemometer 3.5
My anemometer was made out of a compass and string attached to a ping pong ball. An anemometer is to measure the wind speed. This was placed in the same location as the wind vane and the thermometer screen. I would record the wind speed at the same time as I record the wind direction as it will not be equal if I recorded them half an hour apart as the data will not be the same.

Task 3.6
Location of Metservive weather station (Secondary data)

Location of Primary Data (Boys High Hostel)


Distance between primary source and secondly source

Task 4 Describing the research findings incorporating the relevance geographic concepts

4.1 Over a 14 day period I recorded six elements of nature wind, rain, temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, and wind direction using my home made weather station. My weather station was created from materials found around home as I have explained what they are on task 3.3. I located my weather station on the front field of Christchurch Boys High hostel so it is exposed to all the elements throughout the day to get the most accurate recordings. I recorded my data every night at 6:30pm for the 14 days to get the most accurate recordings then I had to compare my primary data to a secondary data that I got...
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