Genres Of Philippine Literature

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Genres of Philippine Literature

Narrative Non-fiction
Is based on facts
Presented in a format that tells a story
A short literary composition about a particular topic
Written in prose and analyzes or interprets the topic it discusses Biography
A written account of another person’s life
The history of a person, presumably the author
Often written in a first-person view
The power of speaking
Expression through gestures and pronunciation
Delivered in the form of an address or discourse.

Composed in verse or prose, usually for theatrical performance The story is depicted through actions and dialogues
Rhythmical in composition
Fiction that suspends reality.
Formation of mental images with otherworldly settings or characters. Humor
Perceiving what’s amusing or comical.
Full of fun, entertainment and excitement.
A story about supernatural and extraordinary people.
Often times, animals speak as humans with a legendary tale to share. Fairy Tales
Another kind of fantasy tale, close to fable.
Made for kids
Science Fiction
Based on impact of potential science
Setting is commonly in the future, and on other planets
Short Story
A fiction that’s very short it can’t support subplots
Realistic Fiction
Can actually happen in real life
Songs, tales, myths and proverbs handed down by word of mouth Widely held, but false based on unsubstantial beliefs.
Historical Fiction
A story with fictional characters
Literature that’s frightfully shocking, terrifying and revolting. Tall Tale
A humorous story with blatant exaggeration
A story of a national or fictional hero
Fiction that involves solving crimes or unraveling secrets
A kind of legend or fictional narrative that’s partly based on historical events Commonly related to gods and how they cause natural disasters Fiction in Verse
Full-length novels with plot, subplots,...
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