General Mills Company I Introduction General Mills Company Is One of the 500 Fortune Company in the American, with a Primarily Food Products. the Head Quartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota of the Suburb of Minneapolis.

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General Mills Company I
General Mills Company is one of the 500 fortune company in the American, with a primarily food products. The head quartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota of the suburb of Minneapolis. General Mills markets are very know by the brand of Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Colombo, Green Giant, Cheerios, and Lucky Charms. General Mills has had a good history and sold a lot of products along the way. They are the 100 leading U.S brands and numerous categories in the world. Findings

General Mills History
In the year of 1860’s, General Mills was starting with two flour mills. They had transformed the mills industry of just producing the flour with superior baking in their properties. Around the year 1960’s General Mills were marketing the children’s product. The product they were marketing was Play-Doh, Easy Bake Ovens, Spirograph, Monopoly and Nerf balls. They had associate with characters that was memorable with them was Betty Crocker, Rocky and Bullwinkle, the lone Ranger and the Pillsbury Doughboy after what had happened to the Wheaties. Wheaties was the breakfast of Champions that was sponsoring baseball radio broadcast that the movie script in 1933. General Mills have a postwar consumer that is interesting in convenience complemented of the adverting efforts. After World II, the company continued to refine the promotion as the Betty Crocker cookbook that was first published in the 1950. The food sales in the second position had research and media capitalize the company that was behind Kellogg. In 1952, the career of General Mills man name Charles H. Bell had rose to the presidency that was advertising the main force in the marketing of various brands. Bell had found it necessary to reassign the management of decisions closer to the operations. He had moved his headquarters out of downtown Minneapolis in 1950, into the suburban Golden Valley. In the 1940’s, General Mills have ventures into the electronics and appliances that had failed....
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