Gender & Media

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Gender, Media, and American Culture
When you hear the words Gender and Media, what comes to your mind? Is it certain types of people? Do you automatically think of television, radio, or magazines? In today’s culture, money is the key to success. And that is the motto marketing businesses lives by, they use gender, and the media to their advantage to get us people to buy their products. In one magazine that I was looking through called IN Style Magazine, which is intended for female viewers around their early twenties to mid-to-late forties, a lot of their advertisements and pictures were about men, whether it was a males cologne, or how to please and make a man happy rather than what's in style or the latest news about a celebrities life. In this magazine, I came across two ads, one about a men’s Dolce & Gabbana cologne, and another about a Newport cigarette ad that demonstrate male as having more power than females. Generally, females are more submissive to males, and this is because males are known as the more dominate gender. Gender stereotypes are frequently known as woman having to abide by any adult male figure, and that we as women have to do whatever the man says, stay home and cook, clean and raise the children, while the man or husband is the “breadwinner” and protector of the household, pays the pills and puts food in the house and that’s all to be expected. In both of the advertisements, it shows one women being wrapped in the arms of a man as if he is showing control over the woman, and the other showing the woman feeding the man. The only difference between the two ads is that, the woman in the ad about the Newport cigarettes doesn’t quite look like she’s being forced to feed him while in the cologne ad she looks as if she’s being forced to pose the way she is or to abide by him. To begin with, I’d like to start off with the advertisement about the Dolce & Gabbana cologne. In this ad, I noticed her facial expression and then the male models...
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