Gender Differences in Magazine Ads

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Date: 2/19/2014


Advertisements are used by companies and individual in promoting their sales. By advertising their products the public is made aware of the existence of such products in the market. Advertising agencies use ingenious ways in order to attract the attention of prospective buyers. One of the ways to entice potential customers is by the use of models or persons of distinguished character. The agencies enlist the services of these individuals by paying them to do so most. Models are often preferred due to the beauty and reputation. The models then pose for the products. The agency may decide on which part of the body of the model to “emphasis” in order to capture the attention of the general public.

For these photos the faces have been made the focal point of the advertisement. The photo largely concentrates its focus on the beauty of the model’s face.

However, in some instance the advertising agencies may decides to go an extra mile to promote their products. For the females they may decide to take X-rated photos. These photos are taken with the sole intention being to capture the attention of the opposite gender. As for males the advertising agencies prefer a masculine body. The photos are taken with the intention being to appeal to the “sexual” part of it. It can be termed as wild seduction. The members of the opposite gender are the primary target in these ads. The females are made to look sexually attractive. They are scantily dressed. They may also ware clothes but which are quite revealing. The males are made to look masculine and energetic.

In these two photos, the emphasis is more “sexual”. The females are scantily dressed while the males look masculine. This is in order to advance their ideas.

Searching on the web for these ads. The magazines...

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