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Gen 480 Ethics Awareness

By Nichelle0273 Dec 12, 2012 312 Words
University of Phoenix

Nichelle Hoyt

Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

Interdisciplinary Capstone Course

GEN 480

Ross Hopkins

December 15, 2011

Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

The Ethics Awareness Inventory refers to a sequence of extensive descriptions in lieu of four well-known categories of ethical viewpoint. These four categories of Ethics Awareness are as follow: Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity. The subject of this summary is the results of the author Ethics Awareness Inventory, the author will discuss her findings of the inventory and the author will explain how her education experience has affected her ethical thinking.

According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory Character is based on personal asset of good value. Obligation is based on a good judgment of obligation to do what is right. Results based on the penalty of actions in use. Equity is the foundation on realistic study rather total principles of right and wrong. According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory that I took states that I am more of a (C) Character person. Character person focal point on ways to facilitate people to accomplish honorable quality, they support their ethical standpoint on what it is good to be, rather than what it is good to do. Key factors in the character are integrity, uprightness, honesty, and honor. A character person believes good people exhibit good actions. Character individuals will wants to protect his or her reputation, is based on what is right thing to do.

My experience here at the University of Phoenix has taught me that being honest and having good integrity can take a person a long way in the criminal justice field. Within the criminal justice field a individual have some of the those traits in order to get the job and past the background check. Taking the Ethics Awareness Inventory is very close to how I feel and think on the behalf of society.

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