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GUEST’S Dance Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is two-fold. The first and foremost purpose is to promote a safe, clean, and fun environment at school dances, wherever they take place. The second purpose is to assure parents that their students are in the dance location during the prescribed hours. All regular school rules apply to behavior at all dances.

1. This contract must be completely filled out and submitted at the time of ticket purchase. 2. PLHS STUDENTS MUST BRING Guest Current Photo ID Copy when purchasing dance tickets. 3. All GUESTS MUST SHOW Photo ID to be admitted to the dance. All guests must read, sign, and return this dance contract at the time of ticket purchase. The PLHS student is responsible for informing his/her guest of the requirement for PHOTO ID. NO ID, NO ENTRANCE to the dance. 4. TICKETS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, NON TRANSFERABLE, and may not be resold. These actions VOID the ticket. 5. GUETS MUST ARRIVE, with PLHS Student, at on-campus dances no later than 8:30 pm, to ASB dances no later than 9:00 pm, and for the Senior Prom no later than 9:30 pm. Once admitted, students and guests MUST remain until ½ hour before the conclusion of the dance. If a student needs to leave early from any dance, special arrangements MUST be made with the vice principal at least one day PRIOR to the dance. NO arrangements can be made at the dance. 6. Students and guests attending the dance may expect to have a “friendly frisk” prior to entering the dance. This will help to ensure that improper items are not admitted to the dance. 7. Your purchase of a dance ticket constitutes implied consent for a personal search and “breathalyzer” test at the discretion of the administrator or school police. 8. Students and guests engaging in inappropriate dance behavior (dance moves that are sexually provocative, freaking, grinding, establishing of “mosh pits”, front to back or front to front dancing and any dance that can be perceived as a...
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