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Typical Image

When asked simple question of how to stereotype yourself. Your mind goes blank for a few seconds, trying to think of how you can classify yourself. The normal stereotype's come to mind, jock, prep, popular, nerd, socialite. But when asked to go deeper with your image its not so easy. It does not get much simpler than jock or something like that.

When asked to find a stereotypical image of myself, I was confused at first I didn't know how else to classify gay. It wasn't until I was cutting out pictures that I realized that I was classy, fashionable, gay who stood up for what I believe in. Going over all my pictures on my poster board, I came to the realization that I wasn't the typical gay. The typical stereotype image of any gay kid. Goes like this: flamboyant, girly, wears skin tight jeans, plasters on the make up and talks like and acts like a girl. Now that's most gays but when it comes to me I'm the opposite. I don't dress like a girl, wear make up or anything of the sort.

My style is diverse, I wear what makes me look's good and what I feel comfortable in and not what Im told to wear. My closet is filled with name brand clothes, just like any other gay out in the world, people will just have to deal with it and get over it. Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Hollister are the clothes you will see me in. These types of clothes represent that I have a unique style that I mix with my own personality, and at most times goes with what most people call the preppy look.

The shoes you will see me in would be converse and vans. I feel the most comfortable and secure in these shoes. There not just for skaters, there meant for anyone and everyone. I feel like these shoes complete my look. They come in a variety of colors, and since I'm a bright happy person all the time it fits perfectly with me. These shoes might be explained as a comfort zone to me, without them I feel lost and naked.

Like every single teenager in the world, and...
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