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The compelling 1981 film that is known as Gallipoli was ironically more focused on the two main characters, Archie and Frank, rather than the significant historical events taking place around them. Being that Gallipoli is a film, it is designed to keep folks interested, which helps support the fact that the film is about mateship and honour rather than that of a war drama explaining the horrific and terrible events of which occurred. The plot about Archie and Frank, the two “heroes” in the film, was designed to symbolize and glorify the old Australian ideal of mateship. The two main Characters, Archie and Frank with two sharply contrasted personalities, begin their mateship in a running competition. Archie is a patriotic young man who is strong, courageous and determined to fight for his country in World War One. Frank, on the other hand, is cunning, more realistic and cynical. In the beginning of the film, they compete with each other in a running race and they also disagree with each other about the meaning of fighting at war. After a series of difficult events, Frank re-decides to join the War along with Archie although does not hold the skills to become a horseman, and joins his other friends to be in the infantry. Yet still reunites with Archie during the training in Egypt. This displays that although the film is set in World War I, it focuses more on Archie and Frank’s adventurous experience. Which supports the fact that there is an occasional historical inaccuracy throughout the film.

Gallipoli’s main focusing points are on the harsh life of which the soldiers had to live, also the landing in Gallipoli and battle such as Battle of the Nek. The futile attempts of running towards the enemy’s trenches with sheer force while the enemy held machine guns were also quite significant in the film. The movie begins in Western Australia where an under aged man known as Archie dreams of fighting in the war. He soon meets another man known as Frank who has...
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