Future of Police

Topics: Police, Crime, Constable Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Future of Policing

With the many challenges that police officers face today the trends of policing may hinder them more than not. Our society has become more computer savoy over the last decade forcing our police departments to step up and keep up with technology in order to stay ahead of the average criminal. It is almost impossible today for the average police department to operate without the means of new and advance technology. The new generation of criminal mind is one that has had access to the internet and has an intellect higher than average. With this in mind, our police agencies have had to beef up police departments, by hiring new officers and acquiring new and advanced technology in order to keep up with the increasing crime rates. The cost related to these new changes, are a huge problem in most areas, especially due to the economic shortcomings we face today. These changes are absolutely necessary in order to keep the police officers safe on our streets in this country. When you look at the difference our law enforcement agents are faced with today, it is almost unsettling. Driving under the Influence (DUI’s) numbers almost double each year even though more states have increased and implemented a stricter sentencing guideline. With new technology first given to our State police departments enabling them to detect if a person is under the influence by simply flashing their flash lights in their faces, has helped with the arrest of many keeping individuals under the influence of alcohol and narcotics off our streets. With the war that we seem never to win when it comes to drugs, the unforeseeable future within our police departments looks grim. There is no way to ever win this war with the drugs coming across our borders every day. This problem is one we need to take a look at in depth in order to understand the real issues we face as a nation and as communities, we watch our young teenagers not only selling narcotics, but using them as well....
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