Future of Macau

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What do you think of the future of Macau?
Macau situated in the Pearl River delta which is a dynamic place. Macau transforms into a highly urbanized place over the period of the last seven years. Now the Macau government is doing sea reclamation to increase the land area of Macau so that urban planning to be more balanced with the environment. This is due to the projection of increasing population in Macau. The expected projection of Macau population in the year 2036 is almost 759 hundred thousand[1]. This expected population gives planners to plan about the future of Macau, in Urban, social and economic aspect.  

We went to the Macau Science Museum to look at the future Blu-print of urban planning in Macau.  As we watched the urbanized planning in the Macau Science Museum, the government will reclaim more land to build recreational facilities for the purpose of tourism, education and inhabitant. However, I am not sure when it will translate in planning to action whenever , I think the future of Macau will be urbanized and the costs of living will keep going up.  

From my perspective, Macau urban planning, economic and social changes go hand in hand. The price of real property will still keep going up, firstly with the development of casinos, it attracts more foreign labor which increases the rental of all types of properties.  

In social expect nowadays, most of the parents are working in a casino in order to gain more money, they lack of time to take care of their children or do house- hold work, they  prefer to hire domestic helpers as the hourly salary to hire the labor is worth than staying at home to do this stuff. On the other hand, there was the flood of professionals coming to Macau who are hired by casinos, and most of them are well-paid executives, they are affordable to purchase an expensive house. Besides, there is still a speculation tension on real estate nowadays, many people are urged to purchase the house because they think that the place...
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