Furman V Georgia

Topics: Thurgood Marshall, Furman v. Georgia, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 4 (1056 words) Published: April 16, 2015

Furman v. Georgia

In today’s time discrimination is a highly used factor when it comes to the way people form their opinions about societal issues as well as different individuals we may come in contact with. We base our perceptions of people off of what only the eye can see rather than getting to know a person for the skills they possess and what the can bring to the table. Back in 1967 discrimination was something that was common to use amongst the white or rich community towards the blacks, poor, or uneducated folks in the south. One situation in particular was a Supreme Court case of Furman v the state of Georgia. As you read throughout this paper I hope you began to form your own opinion about discrimination and the way it is used in our society as well as how this Supreme Court case has impacted the change in the way our judicial system works when it come to a fair and just conviction. In the furman v Georgia case discrimination played a large role in the verdict of Mr. Henry Furman. But before I get into that let me tell you a little something about the background of Henry Furman. Furman was a 26 year old African- American man who was mentally ill, poor, and a felon in the eyes of the Court. One night while a man name Micke William jr. and his wife and 5 children were asleep, Furman took it upon himself to break in their house and scrummage through their things hoping to find something to with him. To Furmans surprise Williams heard him in his kitchen and once Furman was recognized by William, Fuman charged towards the door in hopes of getting away, as we worked his way out the door Furman dropped the hand gun he was carrying, it triggered and shot right through William’s chest killing him on the spot. After this incident Furman was ordered by the judge to first seek treatment at the local hospital where he was diagnosed psychotic and later tried in court for robbery, 2nd degree murder, and sentenced to the death penalty. This...
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