Funny in Farsi Commentarry

Topics: Persian language, Middle East, Iran Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: October 21, 2014

My expectations for “Funny In Farsi” were set very high. I predicted that it would be a deep, profound book that was enlightening and revealed a lot about persian culture. I was surprised to find a witty, light hearted book instead, that focused a lot more on the transition into the american culture, rather than the Iranian culture itself. However, I’m still really liking the book;it’s delicately written, with great hints of sarcasm and humor, to the point where it had me actually laughing out loud. The only aspect that bothers me a bit is that the story seems a bit jumbled; events that spread years apart are put together in one page, and then a few paragraphs later, the story flies back to third grade memories.I find myself desperately trying to reorient myself, but sometimes I simply cannot and have to reread the whole page. But despite the constant time acclimatization, I really did appreciate Firoozeh Dumas' writing style. Another aspect that has really stood out to me, were the characters Firoozeh presents. I understand that these are actual people, Firoozeh’s family in fact, but I am still so amazed by the depth and pulchritudinousness these characters are written in. The fstories about Firoozeh’s father are especially well written and really present his personality well. However, (in my opinion) Firoozeh mother was not described/written well. She seems a very bland character, who is only mentioned for silly things and chores so far, which is fine, but I really hopes the author would elaborate on this important character later in the book, but I never came to see her with the depth that other characters had. Another thing I’ve been thinking about a lot is how Firoozeh herself feels about her parents and heritage. Not technically relationship wise, but how she sees her parents and culture. Obviously, now at her age, and writers view, she writes in a neutral, proud way, making us question prejudices and discrimination, but I feel like though some humorous...
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